Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Listen to my heart songs Lord as I praise you. Be with me in my quite place where I share with You my thoughts and dreams, my hopes and wishes.

Take my soul and purify it, guard my heart oh Lord, prepare me for You’re the table You have set before me. Take pleasure my King for I am here to serve you. Let me wash Your feet and dry them with my hair. Let me sit at Your feet and listen to Your words as they are more valuable then gold, more precious then sliver. Your words speak and mountains move, your breath can heal and Your touch calms the sea.

There is great power in Your words. Teach me Lord How to pray within my prayers. May my words be deep as the deepest well, never shallow from out lack of faith. The well of Your living waters and it is there where I will refill my cup. As a man tends the soil to bring forth life from a planted seed, so will I toil, from the sweat of my brow. I shall forever bring forth praise, though I sweat in the garden to feed my family. It was in a garden where You sweat blood to bring forth my life. I wonder why You named the stars before they took their shape. I wonder what path You shall place me on. Shall I pick up endless rocks as I do in my garden? Shall I plant seeds which bring in a harvest of souls to Your table? Where will You use me Lord? I have waited my whole life for chance to do something that will change everything.

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